Thursday, June 30, 2011

Journey to Canada (with Brad n Matt)

This broskie was not a Degrassi fan, but he seemed real nice. Plus he says he sung with Avril Lavigne in church back in the day. We decided to take his word for it. Oh and Miley Cyrus apparently pissed off some Canadians once. Read on broskies and ladies. Read on.

You: hello
Stranger: Hello
You: asl?
Stranger: 16, male, Canada
You: oh man, you a Degrassi fan?
You: we know it is made in Toronto
Stranger: Lol, nah, I don't watch it that much
Stranger: What about you asl?
You: two guys here, best buds
You: please don't disconnect on us
You: we r real fun to talk to
You: we live in the ATL
You: Atlanta, Georgia
Stranger: Nice, I never been there
You: it is the BEST!
You: we got the Hawks, the Falcons, the alliance theater, and NeNe Leakes
You: and THE Metropolitan college, ATL
You: where we go to school
You: you in school broskie?
Stranger: Nope, got out last Friday
You: haha yeah we were asking if you are in school in general
You: as in..high school?
You: or should we say: high school, eh? haha
Stranger: High school, and we really don't say eh that much.
You: really?
You: rumors.
You: but is it true that Canada is the second biggest country in the world?
Stranger: Yes
You: wow!
Stranger: Bigger then USA
Stranger: Just less people
You: well, you guys got good TV shows (Degrassi) and awesome wild life (moose)
You: what else is nice about Canada?
Stranger: Best forests, ummmmmmmm Canada's Wonderland(kinda like your Disney) , Newfoundland is beautiful
You: wow
You: you heard of Strawberry Vivica?
Stranger: Nope
You: we think it is a Canadian band
You: oh
You: you heard of Avril Lavigne?
You: she's Canadian
Stranger: Yes, her actual home town is like 30 min away from me
Stranger: I used to sing in church with her
Stranger: I was also her first keyboardest
You: are you lying broskie?
Stranger: Why would I lie?
Stranger: Im in Ontario
You: can you prove that you sung in church with Avril Lavigne?!
You: because that is crazy!!
Stranger: Hmmmmmmmm, what kind of proof?
Stranger: I don't have any videos
You: maybe...a picture with her?
Stranger: Hmmmmmmmmmm, none online, I think theres one in the church
You: if we ever make it up to Canada, we'll go to that church and look for pictures of Avril Lavigne
You: oh yeah, what is the name of the church and is it in Ontario?
Stranger: The church is Napanee Ontario, about 30 mins away from Kingston
Stranger: Its Anglican
You: interesting
You: have you heard or have you ever met Luke Bilyk?
Stranger: No, I haven't
You: interesting
You: we were jw
You: he is a canadian actor
You: so, speaking of famous people and music...
You: what are ur jams?
You: as in music, not jelly
Stranger: Well, I play a couple instruments, I play Guitar, Piano, flute, Drums, Trumpet. And im mostly into the band Skillet
You: Skillet as in the American Christian rock band which formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996?
Stranger: I think so, I went to their live concert at Canada's Wonderland last Weekend, WonderJam is what it was called
You: they sound great
You: we like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Beatles
You: some rap
You: broskie, you play so many instruments!
You: which one are you best at?
Stranger: Piano, And ewww Miley Cyrus
You: she has a good voice
Stranger: No, she betrayed us Canadians
You: how so?
Stranger: Party in the USA my ass
You: well, she is from the USA!
You: what do you expect?
Stranger: Still, she should only sing there
You: she went to Canada and sung party in the USA?
You: and it pissed off the Canadians?
Stranger: Yes, EXTREMELY
You: wow
Stranger: She did it at a hockey game
You: we hope it didn't get out of control
Stranger: Canada's National Sport
You: really? we thought lacrosse was the national sport of Canada
Stranger: Nope
Stranger: Hockey
Stranger: In the 1940's Hockey night in Canada began, and thats where the phrase "He shoots, he Scores" comes from
You: interesting
You: speaking of sports, do you play any?
Stranger: Volley ball, and used to play foot ball
You: cool
You: we train horses
You: so we horseback ride a lot
You: oh and we scuba dive
You: deep sea
Stranger: Nice
You: your volleyball team at school any good?
Stranger: Some people are, not all though
You: kick the bad ones off the team
You: they are dragging everyone down
Stranger: Lmao, can't, coaches call
You: broskie, you give us that coaches number, and we'll get it straightened out
You: your team will be Canada's best
Stranger: i wish
You: if we tell ur coach we are calling from the ATL, he'll know we mean business
You: people from the ATL don't mess around
You: so what are ur hobbies?
You: besides singing in church with major celebs
You: hahaha
Stranger: Well besides instruments I liked to act.
You: liked?
You: past tense?
Stranger: Like*
You: oh
You: you ever play...Hamlet?
You: or like, what characters have you played?
Stranger: No, sadly, I do little plays at the moment, its hard to get an acting part in Canada
Stranger: Everything good is in the USA
You: yeah, LA is where it's at
You: but hey, the Degrassi stars made it big
You: you seem real ever heard of the Ontario College of Art and Design?
Stranger: No, im more into computers, making programs and websites
You: interesting
You: we r real into bidness and stuff
You: we study music option III right now
You: which relates to music theory, painting, and algebra
You: real challenging curriculum
Stranger: Hmmmmm, interesting
Stranger: What kind of music theory?
You: musicology, some ethnomusicology
You: we dabble in a bunch of different kinds
Stranger: Interesting, I wouldn't mind looking into that sometime
You: yeah
You: what kind of career do you want to pursue?
Stranger: probably technologies, since that is the future
You: true
You: Brad's grandma says that back in the day, the only kind of technology they needed to master was learning to tie their shoelaces
You: whatever that measn
You: means*
You: but that sure has changed
You: it sure has changed
You: oh yeah, Brad is one of our names
You: and I'm Matt
You: we r Brad n Matt
Stranger: Im mitch
You: nice to meet you Mitch
You: so you have a girlfriend Mitch? we are just wondering
You: we are single ourselves, all of the ladies seem to be taken
Stranger: I have a girlfriend, and two other girls like me
You: wow!
You: ladies man
You: we admire that
You: ahahah
You: although, we are ladies men ourselves
You: is your girlfriend real nice and funny and smart?
Stranger: Well, my gf at the moment is a year younger, not as smart as myself I must admit, funny and super nice
You: aw
You: that's cool
You: we are constantly dating girls who are not as smart as ourselves
You: so we can relate
Stranger: Oh wow
You: so..what are the best restaurants in Canada?
You: we have heard of Vince's spaghetti
You: and friend talks about it sometimes
You: a friend*
Stranger: Well It depends, what food are you into?
You: we love us some Italian food
You: spaghetti
You: pizza
You: stuff like that
You: burgers and chicken fingers are good too
Stranger: Well there is this German restaurante that makes amazing food, its called Amadaeus, and it is in Downtown Kingston
You: cool
You: German restaurant
You: interesting
Stranger: Mhm
You: well broskie...
You: we gotta get going
You: but this was a real nice convo
You: a real nice convo
Stranger: Alright nice talking to you
You: bye!
Stranger: bye

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Journey to Sacramento, California (with Brad n Matt)

This broskie insisted that people in Sacramento suck "in their own way," and the weather is nothing to brag about. But it was a real nice convo nonetheless. Real nice convo.

You: hello
Stranger: Hello to you too
You: how goes it?
Stranger: Fine
You: good.
You: asl?
Stranger: ?
You: age, sex, location
Stranger: ah
Stranger: :P
Stranger: 14, male, CA
You: oh
You: interesting
You: we r two broskies here
You: best buds
You: Brad n Matt
You: 23 and 24 ATL
Stranger: Hm
You: do you live in LA? maybe next door to a celeb?
You: jw
Stranger: Sacramento
You: cool
You: so what are your jams?
You: as in music, not jelly
Stranger: lol, yeah :P
Stranger: Really,
Stranger: anything but rap and classic rock
You: interesting
You: we like us some pop music
You: some hip hop too
You: have you heard of the Esquire Bar and Grill?
You: it's in Sacramento
You: our buddy used to go there a lot, and he talks about it all the time
Stranger: no,sadly
You: oh
You: so where DO you hang out/get grub in Sacramento?
Stranger: sorry, was on phone :P
Stranger: I go to any sushi places
Stranger: Or steak houses
You: he also talked about McCormick and Schmicks sea food restaurant
You: so maybe you've been there
Stranger: McCormicks, yes
Stranger: Never heard of Schmicks
You: maybe they used to be broskies, and then they had a fight
You: hahaha
Stranger: Ahaha
Stranger: never knew that
You: so what r ur hobbies?
Stranger: I spend most of my time playing LoL
You: playing?
You: like...hide and seek?
You: or video games?
Stranger: League of Legends :P
Stranger: Online game
You: oh!
You: we thought u were saying lol as in laugh out loud
You: so what is the objective of LoL
You: as in, what do u try n do in that game
Stranger: Just a pvp game
Stranger: randomly get paired with 9 other people
Stranger: and fight 5 v 5
You: interesting
You: you ever been to Cesar Chavez Park?
You: we have heard of it
Stranger: Never have been there
You: ah
You: you a fan of the Sacramento Kings?
Stranger: Was, then they thought about moving xD
You: deal breaker!!!
You: ahahaha
Stranger: pretty much
You: well, if you have not been before, you HAVE to go to the ATL
You: it is amazing!
Stranger: ATL?
You: we got the Falcons, the Hawks, the Alliance theater
You: and Nene Leakes
You: yeah, Atlanta Georgia
Stranger: That was my guess
You: we also have one of the best collges in the country
You: where Matt and I currently are enrolled
You: its THE Metropolitan college, ATL
You: real exclusive n stuff
You: we study music option III
Stranger: Music Option 3...
Stranger: point of the class?
You: it's all about music theory n stuff.. it's a serious of courses that revolve around music, music theory, algebra, and painting
You: you get a real well rounded education, but it focuses on music of course
You: series**
Stranger: Wow
You: yeah
You: so how do you like school broskie?
Stranger: I'm just a frehsmen
You: considering come to THE Metropolitan college, ATL
Stranger: typing fail Dx
You: what's ur favorite subject?
Stranger: Mainly math
Stranger: Only subject that doesn't give long term projects...
You: yeah, we hear you
You: you got a good math teacher?
Stranger: Decent
You: cool
Stranger: However, she does do all of the homework for you.
You: whenever we are asked to find X, we point out that it is a silly question because X is right there on the paper
You: but then we just use our sick algebra skills to figure out x's numerical value
Stranger: Pretty much
You: you like gym class?
Stranger: don't have it
You: what?!?!?!
You: that's why obesity is a problem in the US!!
You: why no gym broskie?
Stranger: The school doesn't offer it imo
You: oh man
You: but you play sports?
Stranger: Used to
You: we like horseback riding and scuba diving a lot
You: we train horses
Stranger: I've always wanted to scuba dive.
You: deep sea is the best kind
You: best kind
You: what sports did u play in the past?
Stranger: Basketball
Stranger: And Baseball
You: first base?
Stranger: I sucked at basket ball for 7 years and quit
Stranger: Baseball is boring and quit mid season :P
You: hahah
You: try horseback riding sometime
Stranger: I have
You: interesting
Stranger: Very...... unlucky for me though
Stranger: Something startled the horse and I got jolted off.
You: happens to us all the time
You: all the time
You: you gotta show the horse who is boss, though sometimes they just get spooked
You: can't help it
You: so what do you like best about Sacramento?
You: we like to learn about other cities and parts of the world
Stranger: Sacramento....
Stranger: hmmmm
Stranger: People suck, sadly
You: they r mean?
Stranger: No, they just suck
Stranger: In their own way.
Stranger: Bad drivers, racists, brat children terrible parents
You: ah man
You: sadly all cities have some of those
You: even the wonderful city of the ATL
You: but there must be something you like?
You: maybe the weather?
Stranger: weather is decent
Stranger: Nothing to brag about
You: people who brag about their weather are just plain arrogant
Stranger: True
Stranger: I'm going to the subject of music...
Stranger: favorite artist?
You: we like Miley Cyrus and Taylor swift a lot
You: but also the Beatles and T Pain
Stranger: I can't really say they are my favorite
You: who are ur favs?
Stranger: So many to say...
Stranger: Hmm
Stranger: All That remains, Devil Wears Prada, Enter Shikari, Attack! Attack!, Asking Alexandria
You: very cool
You: nice variety
Stranger: meh
Stranger: Those are just some core groups I know
You: interesting
Stranger: When I hear maybe a good classical peice
Stranger: I can't really say I like the artist more or less just the piece
You: we will watch that
You: we gotta go though broskie
You: it was nice talking to you
You: you have a nice day
Stranger: You too
You: bye
Stranger: Later

Monday, May 2, 2011

Journey to Liverpool, England (with Brad n Matt)

This journey to England was short n sweet. Apparently this broskie thought we would like his jelly more than his jams (as in music). Interesting.

You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: how goes it?
Stranger: not bad
Stranger: you?
You: not too bad
You: asl?
Stranger: M26uk
You: we r M 23 and 24 ATL
You: two broskies here
You: ATL= Atlanta, Georgia
Stranger: ok, got it
Stranger: what brings you to omegle?
You: so what part of the UK are you from?
You: Brighton and Hove?
You: we've heard good things about Brighton and Hove
Stranger: Liverpool, England
You: interesting
You: that's very cool
You: we heard bangers and mash are real popular there
Stranger: tnx
Stranger: yeah , mainly north east yhough
Stranger: though*
You: ah
Stranger: you been to uk?
You: nah
You: but we know some things about it
You: for example, Liverpool beat Newcastle yesterday
You: in soccer, or football as you would call it
You: ahahah
Stranger: yeah, your right
Stranger: but i'm an evertonian
Stranger: same city , different team
You: interesting
You: so what are ur jams>
You: as in music, not jelly
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: think you may prefer my jelly
Stranger: i like oldies
Stranger: tamla
You: is it real good in Liverpool? PB&js must be boss
Stranger: soul
You: cool
Stranger: and the beatles
You: we like us some pop music
You: beatles are cool too
You: everyone loves them, in our opinion
Stranger: yeah, i was in the cavern last week
Stranger: took an austrian friend to visit
You: so broskie we actually gotta get going already
You: but could you tell us a couple things about England before we go?
Stranger: ok, fella's
You: we like to learn about the world
Stranger: nice chatting
Stranger: usa 1 osama 0
Stranger: take care
You: that's right
You: wait!
Stranger: yeah
You: if we had to know one thing about england, what would it be?
Stranger: we are friendly,
Stranger: and welcoming
You: that's real nice
You: we will visit one day
Stranger: treat others as we would like to be treated
You: so you brits remember the golden rule
You: real nice
You: real nice
Stranger: ok, hope you make it
You: us too
Stranger: yeah, costs nothing to be nice
You: bye now
Stranger: bye


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Journey to India (with Brad n Matt)

This journey to India was particularly memorable and emotional. We will remember it always. Enjoy. 

You: hiya
Stranger: r u a good girl
You: we r good
You: but we r also
You: male
You: hi
You: asl?
You: ru there
Stranger: yes
You: so where r u from
Stranger: india
You: interesting
You: we from the ATL
You: USA
Stranger: so how do u do
You: we r good
You: atl is awesome
You: how is india
Stranger: there are some disrupptions in here
Stranger: but it'll be OK
You: like what kind?
Stranger: like ppl hate talking to ppl and ate to help
You: dramz
You: yeah i hear that
You: so ru in school?
Stranger: no i m in college
You: us too!
You: what ru studyin
You: we r music option III majors
Stranger: engineering
You: at THE metropolitan college ATL
You: woah we got a smart one here
You: lolz
You: ru a male of feminine
You: jw
Stranger: male
You: interesting
You: what r ur jams
You: as in music
You: not jelly
Stranger: i dont understand it
You: what music do u listen to
Stranger: rahmaan
Stranger: ok
Stranger: dear friends
Stranger: im gonna sleep
Stranger: its too night in here
You: JAI HO!!!!
You: we love that song
You: wait b4 u go
Stranger: it was great talking u
Stranger: jai ho
You: plz tell u 1 thing that is exciting about indoia
Stranger: yes
You: india*
You: 1 thing that's really cool
Stranger: yess.
Stranger: i wil ltell you.
You: yay
Stranger: people in here may be poor by money or low by standard,
Stranger: but i assure you that they hav all got a very big heart
Stranger: they love you great
Stranger: they care you great
You: aw
You: that's real nice
You: thanks for sharing something so precious
Stranger: and yu will ever forget one when yu meet smone
You: it's true, we will never forget this convo
Stranger: thanks to yu for this great vonvo
Stranger: perhaps we'll meet somewhere
Stranger: take care good bye
You: byez

Friday, April 15, 2011

Journey to Eugene, Oregon (With Brad n Matt)

We did not get a whole lotta infos about Oregon from this convo, but we DID get lots of lolz plus have provided the complete explanation for our spraineded ankles.

Stranger: ayo
You: hey
Stranger: whats up
You: how goes it
You: asl?
Stranger: 15 f usa
Stranger: just chillin
Stranger: watching some longboarding vids to get stoked for summer skating!
Stranger: yourself?
You: that's intense!!!
You: we r just chillin' 2
Stranger: nice how old?
You: there are two broskies here btw
You: both chillin
Stranger: for sure
You: 24 and 23
You: ATL
Stranger: nicee
You: is where we reside
You: what state are you from?
Stranger: oregon
Stranger: yourself?
You: just got done watching Victorious
You: we love us some Nickelodeon
You: hell yeah
Stranger: hahaha nice
Stranger: what state?
You: Georgia!
You: we are from the ATL
You: so is ryan seacrest btw
You: true fact
Stranger: ohh didnt see that
Stranger: cool cool :)
You: from Portland?
Stranger: eugene
You: nice.
You: what's the climate like?
Stranger: right now its rainy
You: classic.
Stranger: but it can change to sunny, you never know what it will be like
Stranger: usually in the 50's
You: sounds...unpredictable!
You: bipolar weather anyone?
You: hahah
Stranger: haha for reals
Stranger: but im moving to colorado thankfully :D
You: you ski?
You: these broskies ski
You: from time to time
Stranger: i do
Stranger: but
Stranger: im getting over a concussion from it
Stranger: so it sucks. im a really big skier
You: rough
You: we gots two sprained ankles here
You: so we are no strangers to injuries
You: sports injuries
Stranger: yeahh i sprain mine all the time
You: classic
Stranger: yeahh welcome to my world
You: to clarify, that's each of us with one sprained ankle.. not one of us with both ankles spraineded
You: we train horses
You: and the horses got out of control
You: so we sprained our ankles running
Stranger: yeahh i know, i broke my wrist falling off one a few summers ago
Stranger: in penn
Stranger: ouch!
Stranger: that must have sucked:p
You: pennsylvania?
You: like the poconoes?
Stranger: it was out in unionville
You: interesting.
Stranger: my grandparents are super close with bruce davidson, if you know who that is
You: so tell us about oregon!
Stranger: its boring!
You: what kind of fashions r real big there
Stranger: uhh, its depends. where i live a lot of people downtown are hippies and a lot of hobos
You: wait up-- bruce davidson the magnum agency photog?!
You: His photographs, notably those taken in Harlem, New York City, have been widely exhibited and published in a number of books.
You: as far as we know
Stranger: interesting. whats it like in georgia?
You: amazing!
You: the best.
Stranger: fantastic!
You: best food, best celebs, BEST colleges
Stranger: oh how i hate you haha
You: we go to THE Metropolitan college, ATL
You: so, yeah
You: studying music option III
Stranger: sounds fun!
Stranger: nice
Stranger: well i need to go
Stranger: nice talking to you
You: no!
You: why so soon?
Stranger: i have to
Stranger: going to a party
Stranger: :p
You: have fun
You: stay outta trouble
Stranger: will do!
You: remember Brad n Matt
You: two broskies
Stranger: yes i always do. i dont do drugs lol
You: reppin' the ATL
Stranger: got it!
Stranger: :D
You: bye now
Stranger: later

Monday, April 11, 2011

Journey to the UK (with Brad n Matt)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAD. leave him some well wishes in the comments section. 
You: hello
Stranger: hello
You: how goes it
Stranger: its all gd and you?
You: asides from the fact that our neigbors are hella loud, hahahh we good
Stranger: asl??? :D
You: m. 23. atl
You: X2 you gots two broskis hwew
You: here*
Stranger: ohhhh hey both of you
You: hi
You: we r brad n matt
You: to claify
Stranger: ok
You: today is brads bday so he is 24 actually
Stranger: happy brthday brad
You: aww
You: thanks
You: so, what is ur asl
You: jw
Stranger: bp
Stranger: *np
Stranger: female
Stranger: 15 uk
You: cool
You: anywhere near brighton and hove?
Stranger: nooo
You: interesting
You: whereabouts in the uk then
You: ? jw
Stranger: Manchester
Stranger: hahaahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Stranger: you support/
You: hell yeah
You: soccers not our primary sport of interest
You: but we will rep them fo sho
You: we can recognize greatness when we see it
You: thats what our college recruiter said to us
Stranger: tis all goodd ;)
You: at THE metropolitian college atl
You: ya heard of it?
You: good school
You: good school
Stranger: yh
You: is yh yeah, heard of it
You: jw
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: :D
You: sweeeeeet
You: we r music option III majors
You: so yeah
Stranger: niceeeeee
You: its a really challenging pattern of courses centered around musical theory, algebra, and painting
You: whats school like in the UK?
Stranger: boring :(
You: anything like hogwarts?
Stranger: no you wont catch me anytime soon flying around on a brroom ;)
You: hahahah
You: snitches
Stranger: take it your fans then of hp
You: we didnt have the attention span to finish the series
You: so DONT ruin it plz
You: seriously
You: but the fourth one was prob the best
You: in brad's opinion
Stranger: ive only seen the first ome
Stranger: YAY I HAVE CREDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
You: hahaha
You: interesting
You: so what is your favorite movie, and what is so great about it anyway
Stranger: ermm
Stranger: i dont really have one
Stranger: probably killers
You: cool
You: finding nemo is our favorite film
You: just keep swimming hahah
Stranger: LOL
You: also our philosophy
You: as for television shows
You: we keep it on nickelodeon mostly, teennick too, so degrassi and spongebob
You: this is a pic of brads bday cake
Stranger: nickelodeon realy/
Stranger: ?
You: yeah icarly is hilarious
You: and
You: ...
You: lol
You: we voted a ton in the kcas
You: (kids choice awards)
Stranger: ohhh what for miley cyrus?
You: we personally believe selena gomez was the least qualified winner for the best actress in a tv series
Stranger: ;)
You: hahah
You: yes it shouldve been miley, or miranda cosgrove for sure
You: selena just won cuz she is bieber's chick
You: ya know
You: sooo what r ur jams?
You: as in music not jelly
Stranger: I like jessie j :)
You: thats some tight shizz
You: does she sing, pricetag?
You: make the world dance...
You: that song
Stranger: yeah she sings pricetag
You: yeahhh i saw that on SNL
You: dope dope dope
Stranger: SNL?
You: thats saturday night live
You: its our big comedy program
You: sketch show
Stranger: ohhh
You: tina fey and will ferrel and like big stars started on it
You: yeah
You: what is it like in the UK?
You: does it rain much?
Stranger: ermm dark and quite a lot
Stranger: what about atl?
You: atl is AMAZING
You: asides from being the best place on earth
You: the birthplace of ryan seacrest
You: and home to nene leake
You: s
You: we got, the alliance theater
You: sunshine
You: the hawks
You: metroppolitian college
You: lots of BBQ chicken
Stranger: lol
You: and BRAD N MATT
Stranger: you gyys hot/
You: and also, its metropolitan college
You: oh yeah we r studs
You: not to brag or nothing
You: ill get a pic hold up
You: wait thats the spongebob cake
You: h/o
You: brad is on the R
You: matt is on the L
Stranger: k, 1 sec
Stranger: dont you hate pokewars
You: lol facebook humor
You: did u c the social network
You: i got a theory about facebook
Stranger: no
You: whole thing is a CIA operation trying to get out info
You: james bond set it up or sumptin
Stranger: wow
You: so are there alot of ppl in manchester
You: cuz rumor has it that ur the seventh-most populous local authority district in England
Stranger: yep
You: what's the canal street scene like hahahah
Stranger: what??
You: oh nothin u know that show queer as folk? its set there, and its in manchester
You: not that we watch it or anything
You: we just heard
You: we are straight
You: btw
Stranger: ooohhh LOL
You: yeah we dont much bout ur country asides from what we get from shows like that, simon cowell and the news
You: like we heard about the Sun Valley chicken rescue situation
Stranger: Englandd is the BESTT!1
You: do 9/10 brits agree??
You: 1000/10 ppl agree here in the atl that atl is da shiz
Stranger: HAHA
You: but if u polled people in north korea that would be thier answer as well but they have a state controlled media so they dont know better
You: or about the ATL sadly
You: so im thinking back to earlier in this convo and i was wondering what bieber did to personally offend you
You: jw
You: cuz he resides in the ATL when hes not on tour so we could pass a message along
Stranger: HE WAS BORN
You: so i take it baby is not ur jam?
Stranger: it certanly isnt
Stranger: is it SHIT
Stranger: like Rebecca Black
You: hahah the bus.....stop
You: that part made us major lol
Stranger: we watched it in class and LOLED
You: cool. so, what are some holidays u celebrate only in england of which we should be aware
Stranger: ermmm i dont know?
You: well, we got the 4th of july
You: but i know u dont celebrate that
You: ahaa
Stranger: ohh i suppoe we have the royal wedding thingy comin
You: yeah willz and kate holla
Stranger: :L
You: girl got some swagg
You: u english with those funny hats crack us up no offense
Stranger: i dont wear no frickin hat
Stranger: im gangsta :P
You: exhibit A
You: u like that song american boy by kanye and estelle
Stranger: yes
You: haha yeah i was thinkin of that
You: look at this peacoat, tell me he's broke
You: hahhaha
You: classi
You: c
You: do u eat bangers and mashes?
You: jw
Stranger: i just loled! no i dont
You: no like, fish and chips and a side of mushy peas?
Stranger: i like chips but not fish or peas
You: chips are french fries though right>
You: or FREEDOM fries as we some of us across the pond call em
Stranger: yeah but there more potatoey here
You: not us though
You: atl isnt into that kind of like texas shit
You: potatoes are dope
You: when choosing a side for a steak
You: does the typical english go for baked poatato or garlic mashed
You: jw
Stranger: we'ed go for chips probs
You: interesting
You: u ever been to visit oxford?
Stranger: no i aint thta smart
You: cool, we mighta heard of the place
You: we maintain however that metropolitan college is like, the BEST
You: just sayin
Stranger: hhahahaha
Stranger: :L
You: what face is that? a toungue out
You: c(=
Stranger: yup
You: thats how we do in the atl
You: c(= XD
You: that guy is wearin a pope hat
Stranger: lol.
You: u ever seen the pope in his pope mobile
You: or his pope habitat
Stranger: yh i visited once
You: word. you feel like a good person now?
Stranger: no
You: bein in his presence and such didnt do it by osomisis or nothin then
You: interesting
Stranger: ??
Stranger: i need your gys opinions
You: sure
Stranger: this guy wants to know who likes him and i know and he wants me to tell him so shud i
Stranger: ????
You: ok a few questions
You: first, are both people involved friends of urs?
Stranger: yh the guy is like my bro and the girl is my best mate????
You: does ur best mate want that info secret??
Stranger: i dont know?!!
You: ok here's what i think
You: u gotta do what we do with the horses
You: you put the two of them alone together and walk away
You: see what happens naturally
You: if its meant to be it will
Stranger: no but at school and stuff there too scared and i cant force them :/
You: have a party at the house
You: and be all like, im just gonna go grab some dip for these chips
You: and leave them along
You: alone*
Stranger: wow 3 at a party FUN
You: no it could be for many mates
You: nm
You: ok alternate situation
You: how about u just bring up ur friend to ur bro, but like casually
You: and see what he says
You: guage his responses
You: and such
Stranger: hmmmmm
You: like when matt was dealing with a similar scenario, i just went over to the chick and i was like, yeah.. know my friend mat... so....
Stranger: maybe
You: are the two of them close at all?
Stranger: yh their mates
You: thats a good starting point.
You: but theres going to have to be something that serves as a catalyst for this to change
Stranger: what like drink??// LOL
You: hahahha word
You: is there like a conflict of age difference or cliques varying at school between them, or is it a natural fit
Stranger: no same age lol
You: good. sounds like a good fit
You: in our humble opnion
You: how do u feel tho about ur best mate and bro that could be awkward
You: or, fantastic
Stranger: i dm i have a bf lol
You: i think, it comes down to, do u want them to get marryed and for this girl to be ur sister in law
You: think ahead
Stranger: i dont think it will go that far!
You: well i hope our advices were of use
Stranger: yh youve just made me confused
You: srry
You: :/
Stranger: dw
You: procede w caution
You: and remember
You: just keep swimming
You: and to drive on the left
Stranger: lol
Stranger: i cant drive yet
You: well, when u learn
You: when u learn
You: anyways
You: we really gotta be going
You: horses are hungry
You: but this was real nice
Stranger: 2 years :)
You: anyways
You: if we had to know just one thing and one thing only about englang
You: what should it be
You: england*
Stranger: we PARTY hard
You: word
You: thats whats uo
You: up
You: on that note
You: have a wonderful day
You: and life
You: in general
You: adios muchacha
Stranger: byebye